Monthly Archives: August 2011

29 Aug

Add a Little Magic to your Wedding!

I filmed several magicians over the years, and they all amaze me – I’ve even slowed down the video during editing and I still can’t see how they did it! They are definitely entertaining and leave your guest spellbound.

While at a local wedding I had the pleasure of filming Trickster John doing his magic – literally. I thought he was brilliant, to the point that you hear my surprise behind the camera – very unprofessional, but I couldn’t help it!

28 Aug

Sparklers + Fireworks

There can be no better way to leave a lasting impression with your guests and family, by concluding your big day with fireworks. Its puts a smile on  everyone’s face – perhaps not babies and toddlers, but you know what I mean!

Check out Jenni and Robs’ wedding at the Magnificant Wroxall Abbey, to see what I mean.

26 Aug

Silver Beauford & Silver Daimler limousine

Nicola and Ian, chose Finishing Touch Cars and Finishing Touch Video and photograhy to cover their special day. The two cars helped them and their bridesmaids from Enville Church to the Mill Hotel

This is a short clip of Nicola and Ian enjoying their Bubbly outside the church and some posed photos with the cars at The Mill Hotel.