Daily Archives: August 2, 2012

02 Aug

DIY Chalkboard Sign

The ladies of HEYLOOK are back with a simple + cost effective DIY for a seating chart that later at your reception can double as photobooth prop! I thought it was a perfect project to share today as this wedding has a brilliant seating chart idea. Below we’ll be using chalk paint and mini envelopes, but you can use a deck of cards instead like they did. Paint chips would pop against the dark frame as well.

You can use a chalkboard in many, many different ways – and bring it home with you after the wedding. Here, Michaela is going to show you how you can use this project in three different ways.

What you will need:

– pin board (they used this one from Ikea for £3) or old frame found at thrift stores
– chalkboard paint, brush, and masking tape
– envelopes + cards or a deck of cards like.
– pins and chalk