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27 Sep

Pegs, Wool And Wood – A D.I.Y Polaroid Photo Frame

For our recent Rough Luxe inspired Real Bride shoot I created a Rough Luxe photo holder. A simple painted wooden frame with wool stretched across it, finished off with mini wooden pegs to grip on to your chosen images.

Today I thought I would show you how easy it is to make one of these little ‘washing lines’ for your photographs. It’s a great bit of decor for your reception venue that will not only look ace but also entertain your guests.

You’ve Been Framed

All you need is some very basic tools to make the frame – a pencil, a saw and a set square. Don’t worry if your set square isn’t as snazzy and pink as mine. A normal boring set square will work just as well.

Cut your wood (which you can get from any hardware store for a couple of quid) at right angles and assemble your frame. The frame doesn’t need to be too strong so you should be fine to just stick the wood together with PVA glue. If your cutting skills aren’t quite up to Nick Knowles standards don’t worry – if you have a few gaps on your joins you can use a bit of filler to smooth everything out before applying paint to suit your colour scheme.

A Wooly Wonder

Once your frame is cut, stuck and painted it’s time to get the wool out. I went for a grey to match the frame but you could use contrasting colours instead. Wool is quite good at gripping so you should be able to wrap the wool around the frame a few times and not worry about it slipping or moving too much. Tie the wool off at the back of the frame.

The mini pegs are available from Hobbycraft and I think they work really well. You could of course scale up this whole project and use normal size pegs.

Images courtesy of Christian Ward Photography.

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