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25 Oct

DIY Personalised Word Search

In need of a cute bridal shower game, bachelorette party laugh, or possibly even a Save-the-Date Invitation? You can create this adorable wedding word search below in less than an hour! Easy to personalize yourself, but even easier to download this cute printable below… how can you incorporate a fun word search into your special day?

Supplies: printer paper, the word search pdf, paper trimmer, a cute wedding stamp, and an ink pad.

personalized bridal word search

You can download and print the exact bridal shower word search that I designed {here} OR you can go to Discovery Educations website like I did, and personalize your own word search for free! First go to Discovery Education, click on the Teachers tab, go to Puzzlemaker, and then Word Cross… so easy and it generates your puzzle in less than a minute. Input any words you want! Your names, your venue, your honeymoon destination… and more! These would also make adorable Save-the-Dates! Copy and paste your puzzle into your favorite design program and you are ready to go…

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18 Oct

{DIY} Cootie Catcher Wedding Menus

I love these cootie catcher menus for weddings. They add a touch of whimsy to any style of wedding, and a bit of nostalgia too.  And they are really easy to do, if you are a DIY’er.
DIY cootie catcher wedding menus via Oh Lovely Day photo by Jennifer Roper
Paper in the color of your choice
Ink in the color of your choice
A decent printer
     (or just print one and have them color copied on your paper at a Kinkos or other copy place)
bone folder (or similar tool)
A friend to help you fold them (because it gets really tedious to fold fold fold) – if you are having a 300+ person wedding, you may not want to go this route.  I had around 140 people.
1.  You either need to design a template for yourself, or you can use ones I found here (for powerpoint)
      or here (for Photoshop).  Then personalize it to fit your wedding.
2.  Print the number that you need (plus a few extras) or print one and have them copied.
3.  Then fold them.  Since that part can be tricky too, I found this video to help you!
DIY cootie catcher wedding menus via Oh Lovely Day photo by Jennifer Roper

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18 Oct

Rubber Stamp Stationery

I am about to show you a really simple and effective way of making your own totally bespoke and unique wedding stationery. All you need (in increasing quantities) is imagination, patience and time…

And the cost? Let’s just say you could be sending out 75 hand finished invitations with change in your pocket from £30.00.

I think your guests will go giddy for these hand crafted invitations. And of course it helps that the “home made” look is just sohot right now…

This the stamp (above). It was purchased from Stamps Direct, a company who’s main focus is to manufacture the sort of stamps that you might use at work. Stamps that say “private and confidential” or “URGENT” on them.

If you ask nicely though, these guys will create you a rubber stamp from any artwork you send them, and they also stock a good range of coloured ink pads. All you need to come up with is a design.

Choose A Font

We don’t all have access to Photoshop but for something like this Microsoft Word will work just as well. Get creative with your fonts, maybe mix two fonts together or go for a big accent on key letters. You can find loads of free fonts online and I think Dafont has a great selection.

If you are using Word, Use text boxes rather than just typing straight into the document. Use a new text box for each individual word – then you can easily rearrange and reposition to your hearts content, just keep tweaking until you are happy.

P.S If you don’t know what “text boxes” are then you might have to enlist the services of that annoying little paperclip chap who pops up! Is he still around?

Once you are happy you can create a PDF or alternatively print your stamp design out and then scan it back in so that it’s ready to send off to the stamp peeps.

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17 Oct

Zoe & James Wedding Feedback

Zoe & James got married back in July, here’s a sneak peek of there lovely wedding day at The Mill Hotel, Alveley

Q As a newly married couple, what would be the best advice you would give to a couple just starting out on their wedding planning journey?

A We would certainly recommend having a video photographer to a couple who are planning because since looking back at what was recorded there were things which we weren’t able to see and take in. It is also a special memory that will be treasure forever of the family and friends who attended our special day.

Q What is the best memory you have from your wedding day?

A It is so hard to pick a favorite memory as from the moment I woke up to see sunshine and blue sky to dancing the night away in to the early hours the day was so perfect and just how we wanted and imagined it to be.

Q Why did you decide you wanted a video recording of your wedding day?

A We felt it was important as we wanted to cherish memories of family who wont be with us forever.

Q. What memories did the video provide which your photographs didn’t capture?

A You captured the whole service for us and family and friends arriving and captured the reactions of friends and family during the speeches. It’s very much reliving the day.

Q. Why did you choose The Finishing Touch?

A. After looking at other samples from other companies we found the style of yours was the one we liked the most. Pam was also very helpful at the wedding fayre at the Mill and we knew you had worked at The Mill before and with our photographer.

Q. Would you recommend Finishing Touch?

A. We would definately recommend you both.Your service was fantastic and we couldn’t of asked for anything better.

Q. Why did you choose the Mill Hotel for your Reception?

A. Perfect setting for a perfect day due to the lovely grounds.

11 Oct

DIY Wedding Programs from Burlap and Vintage Patterned Paper

Jennifer from Memento Designs made these gorgeous DIY wedding programs for her garden wedding (they would also be perfect for a rustic wedding or a vintage wedding) and she’s agreed to share the project details with IW readers. The project does involve sewing, but if you are not the sewing type – don’t fret! Simply assemble the programs and find a seamstress in your area to stitch them up for you!

Materials for DIY Wedding Programs
decorative card stock(Jennifer found her MJ Designs cardstock at Michaels.)
card stockin solid color
sewing machine
MS word
sewing machine
Instructions for DIY Wedding Programs
The main elements for these DIY programs are burlap and decorative card stock. The programs are three pages, front and back, not including the front and back cover. Dimensions are 5.5″ x 8.5″.
Jennifer designed her programs in MS word. She printed two pages per sheet, and made them two sided (text on front and back.) By printing two pages per sheet she saved paper and reduced the overall cost of the project.

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