18 Oct

Rubber Stamp Stationery

I am about to show you a really simple and effective way of making your own totally bespoke and unique wedding stationery. All you need (in increasing quantities) is imagination, patience and time…

And the cost? Let’s just say you could be sending out 75 hand finished invitations with change in your pocket from £30.00.

I think your guests will go giddy for these hand crafted invitations. And of course it helps that the “home made” look is just sohot right now…

This the stamp (above). It was purchased from Stamps Direct, a company who’s main focus is to manufacture the sort of stamps that you might use at work. Stamps that say “private and confidential” or “URGENT” on them.

If you ask nicely though, these guys will create you a rubber stamp from any artwork you send them, and they also stock a good range of coloured ink pads. All you need to come up with is a design.

Choose A Font

We don’t all have access to Photoshop but for something like this Microsoft Word will work just as well. Get creative with your fonts, maybe mix two fonts together or go for a big accent on key letters. You can find loads of free fonts online and I think Dafont has a great selection.

If you are using Word, Use text boxes rather than just typing straight into the document. Use a new text box for each individual word – then you can easily rearrange and reposition to your hearts content, just keep tweaking until you are happy.

P.S If you don’t know what “text boxes” are then you might have to enlist the services of that annoying little paperclip chap who pops up! Is he still around?

Once you are happy you can create a PDF or alternatively print your stamp design out and then scan it back in so that it’s ready to send off to the stamp peeps.

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