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28 Dec

Lizzie & Tom Wedding Feedback


Q. As a newly married couple, what would be the best advice you would give to a couple just starting out on their wedding planning journey?

A. Best advice would be to plan in advance and give yourself the most amount of time to get things booked – this took the stress out for us.

Q. What is the best memory you have from your wedding day?

2- Best memory was seeing Liz walk down the aisle

Q.  Why did you decide you wanted a video recording of your wedding day?

A.  We wanted to remember as much of the day as possible and I think photos were great but we thought the video would capture more – which it did!

Q.  What memories did the video provide which your photographs didn’t capture?

A  Seeing the guests arrive and also seeing the guests in the courtyard after the ceremony

Q. Why did you decide on Finishing Touch for your video?

A  You had a very good website and good reviews – also you were recommended by the venue (I think)

Q. Would you recommend Finishing Touch?

6 – Yes the video was excellent and exactly what we wanted

Q. Why did you choose Packington Moor?

A  The venue was the only place we saw that we liked – it was very private which we liked and also quite different to other venues. I would definitely recommend it – the staff were excellent

20 Dec

DIY Wedding Thank you Cards

Oh my it really only 5 days to Christmas! So I wont task you with any last minute DIY projects for 2012 -that would be just silly!  So I thought,what should be the first DIY project of 2013?.. well Thank you cards, of course!

So here’s one I found on


This thank you pack includes an embossed card and the couple’s favourite wedding photos all wrapped in a pretty little pocket folder and finished off with a ribbon.
What you will need:

  • watermark ink or embossing ink
  • ink of your colour choice (I used black)
  • thermal embossing powder of your colour choice (I used gold)
  • rubber thank you stamp
  • rubber stamp of your choice for front of card (I used a custom monogram stamp)
  • heat gun
  • cards and envelopes
  • ribbon
  • luggage tags
  • pocket folders
  • a selection of your favourite wedding photos



To find out the full details of this project [button link=”” linkTarget=”_blank” color=”rosy”]Click Here[/button]

13 Dec

DIY Crepe Paper Crackers

Its just 12 days to Christmas, scary! and I can not think of any other activity that’s more synonymous with Christmas festivities (other than mince pies, Christmas pudding, turkey and stocking fillers), than pulling a cracker before getting stuck into  an oversized roast dinnerl!. But we all know what a disappointment the cracker content can be, so why not create your own  with something that’s personal to you, or at least will be well received – chocolates always works for me!

What will you need?

Tissue paper roll (according to the size you want them to be)
Double-sided tape
Cardboard (not too thick)
Elastic bands (x2)
Ribbon (to compliment your crepe paper)
Crepe paper (any craft/stationary shop sell these)
Sweets (preferable select wrapped sweets)

[button link=”” linkTarget=”_blank” color=”rosy”]Click Here[/button] To get the complete instructions from Perfect Day