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06 Dec

DIY Paper Bag Lanterns

In a couple of weeks time we are photographing and filming two christmas weddings in candle lit settings, which got me thinking about different ways to light up a Xmas party. I came across these lovely Chinese lanterns which are just perfect for a “winter celebration”. They will add a lovely “ambience” to your party, but always remember to use candle’s safely!


What you need:

1. white paper bags (3.5” x 6.5” we found these , paper bags online on amazon)

2. bone folder

3. pencil

3. stencils and/or stamps and white stamp pad

4. x-acto knife

5. small piece of cardboard

6. 22 gauge wire, cut in to 17” segments

7. grommets and grommet pliers

8. tea lights

9. long matches or long lighter
what you do:

To see full instructions from Design Sponge [button link=”http://www.designsponge.com/2010/04/diy-project-paper-bag-lanterns.html” linkTarget=”_blank” color=”rosy”]Read Here[/button]