Monthly Archives: January 2013

29 Jan

DIY Wedding Bunting

Over the past two years I’ve noticed buntings have become increasingly popular, especially with marquee and barn venue weddings. So this week I’ve added a very simple DIY project that I found by Something Turquiose




For the full instructions please read here

28 Jan

Sasha & Richard’s Wedding Video at Wroxall Abbey

Wedding Video feedback by Sasha and Richard

Q As a newly married couple, what would be the best advice you would give to a couple just starting out on their wedding planning journey?

Budget for a videographer. There was so much that happened during the day that we had forgotten about. Magical moments captured forever.

Q What is the best memory you have from your wedding day?

The emotion of the vows we took.

Q Why did you decide you wanted a video recording of your wedding day?

Having seen a friends video it was a shock to see how different wedding videos are to what I remember of them years ago. We hadn’t budgeted for one from the start but felt it was too important to miss having seen my friends so cut a few things here and there to be able to sort it out.

Q. What memories did the video provide which your photographs didn’t capture?

We loved watching the speeches and bits of the day that happened without our presence. Priceless footage that cannot be replicated by photos!

Q. Why did you choose The Finishing Touch?

A friends recommendation after watching her video.

Q. Would you recommend Finishing Touch?

Very much so. Have done already.

Q. How would you some up your experience of The Finishing Touch?

Perfect, non obtrusive capturing everything.

17 Jan

DIY Brooch Bouquets

A while ago we  photographed a wedding of Kay and David, and spotted something unusual. The Bouquet weren’t flowers, infact they were made of jewellery.


Since then I’ve discovered this is called a’ Brooch Bouquet’ and is growing in popularity with the DIYers as anyone can make it, with enough broaches and time on their hands. They look quite effective and be made personal to the bride, with jewelry passed on from parents and friends. I’ve also noticed that brooches are now  being added to flower bouquets as well, as can be seen In Jay and Stuarts wedding

Anyway this following DIY Brooch was created by Beth Blinebury Designs and you can see the full article here