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15 Jan

Kerry & Stuart’s Wedding Video at Redhouse Barn

Q As a newly married couple, what would be the best advice you would give to a couple just starting out on their wedding planning journey?

To meet with a variety of vendors, visit several venues and don’t make quick decisions! Also to feel comfortable with your photographer/ video person! That was a big thing for me!

Q What is the best memory you have from your wedding day?

Everything!! It’s hard to choose! Photos and our video have created amazing memories. Everything about the day from the venue, food and all our family and friends being there to share it with us. But the ceremony is what the day is all about!

Q Why did you decide you wanted a video recording of your wedding day?

We had seen our friends videos and decided we wanted one to be able to look back on. We are so glad we did, the day goes so fast you miss things that the video picks up that you didn’t see on the day!

Q. What memories did the video provide which your photographs didn’t capture?

Conversations between guest and laughter was captured. Our first dance! Even though we had photos, the video caught the whole thing. And saying the vows. Photos were really important to us, but the video just picked up stuff that photos just don’t show.

Q. Why did you choose The Finishing Touch?

We were recommended by our friends? And we liked your work and was comfortable with you both!

Q. Would you recommend Finishing Touch?


Q. How would you some up your experience of The Finishing Touch?

We are so pleased with what you created! You were both great, really friendly and helpful, and we didn’t even know you we around during some of the filming!! Thank you so much:-)

03 Jan

Vintage Paper Flower Ideas

So, 2013 has finally arrived and we have got lots of DIY tips and tutorials to pass on this year, and so without further a do, this weeks DIY Thursday is all about paper. Back in October I filmed a wedding At Somerford Hall and all the decorations were made by Jay (The Bride) . Well I was amazed by her talent, check out her video here and spot,if you can, the  confetti cones, flower hearts, paper flowers. So I’m hoping Jay will send a tutorial of one of the paper decorations she made. But in the mean time, here some ideas to inspire you.

The following extract and work is taken from Weddings By Lilly

The great thing about paper flower crafts, is that with a little bit of resourcefulness and creativity, you can incorporate them into your wedding day for free, using newspaper, vintage books, paper bags, and scrap paper. You can also use things like buttons or pieces from old jewelry to add a little pizzaz.
I’ve never been a huge fan of paper flower centerpieces, but after being inspired by some of these paper flower patterns, I’ve taken a liking to them! You can even mix them in with your fresh flowers to add a splash of color and texture. I especially like the large, dramatic paper flower balls. They look stunning hanging over this dessert table.