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03 Feb

Laura & Lee’s Wedding Video at New Hall Hotel

Wedding Video Feedback by Laura & Lee

Q As a newly married couple, what would be the best advice you would give to a couple just starting out on their wedding planning journey?

Cliche but its all about the both of you and not others!
You hopefully only do it once so don’t compromise on your wishes as you will only regret it later!
Make sure you give yourself time on the day to enjoy it!
Trust your suppliers. They are experts in what they do so don’t feel the need to be in control of everything… It will lead to burn out and drive you crazy!

Q What is the best memory you have from your wedding day?

My husband and I coming out of the church so elated that we had done it!

Q Why did you decide you wanted a video recording of your wedding day?

I have to admit and be honesty having a video was an after thought as my grandma put some extra money forward and therefore we could justify it. Now we have the video it is the only thing we have left of that very special day other than our memories and photos. Nothing takes us back there as much as watching the video. Our nerves, our joy, the fun of the day! It’s wonderful. Looking back it should have been the first thing we booked not the last!!! It will be a lovely thing to show our children.

Q. What memories did the video provide which your photographs didn’t capture?

We loved watching the speeches and bits of the day that happened without our presence. Priceless footage that cannot be replicated by photos!

Q. Why did you choose The Finishing Touch?

We looked at their previous work online, their professional website etc. We liked their modern style and eye for all the important little details.

Q. Would you recommend Finishing Touch?

Absolutely !!

Q. How would you some up your experience of The Finishing Touch?

Not only was the final product a tear jerker and fantastic video but the team Pam and Ian were lovely. I admire their enthusiasm for weddings. I imagine for many suppliers, weddings become somewhat routine and expected. Some suppliers made us feel that we were just another booking/wedding day. Although this may be true for them, for the couple it is a one time, exciting part of life and I wish some suppliers could disguise any feelings of monotony they may feel. Pam and Ian made us feel that our day was as exciting for them as it was us and for that I think it puts Finishing Touch at the top!