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28 Feb

DIY Candle Decoration

I don’t think I’ve been to many weddings that haven’t featured candles at some point during the day. They create a lovely ambiance to any setting, and when I saw these pillar candles that had been so simply decorated I knew I just had to share it with you all! The decoration is very chic, yet really cost efficient, and features a very pretty lace fabric which is just so “in” for 2013 weddings. Here’s a great tutorial for this very simple project by “I do” it yourself




21 Feb

DIY Confetti Cones

This week I thought I would return to something more synonymous with most wedding we do, and that’s of course throwing confetti. To be honest there’s a plethora of DIY tutorials confetti cones. But I quite like this one by Florence Blue who has added butterflies to the cones to make it more bespoke to the wedding as shown below.

FINAL 21 materials

14 Feb

DIY Rose Napkin

Ok, So for this Valantines Day, I thought  perhaps I would show a tutorial for the guys to impress their ladies. It’s not strictly a DIY project but a “how to” example for men who hate being told what to do!!

So guys, if you really want to impress the lady in your life with your napkin folding skills then here’s two examples – I particular like the last one, because the youtube video makes it look easy!

I found the following simple tutorial by  BusyinBrooklyn






















07 Feb

DIY Paper Tissue Pom Poms

These pom poms take me back to child hood, when we made these at home and school. I never thought,  we would ever see giant pom poms at a wedding, but they are here, and I must say, look quite effective as a decoration to fill large spaces.

There are numerous tutorials on the website on how to make them (if you never learnt how to at school!), but I quite like this one by  styleberry  for its clear instructions.






































For complete instructions to make a pom poms please [button link=”″ linkTarget=”_blank” color=”rosy”]click here[/button]

29 Jan

DIY Wedding Bunting

Over the past two years I’ve noticed buntings have become increasingly popular, especially with marquee and barn venue weddings. So this week I’ve added a very simple DIY project that I found by Something Turquiose




For the full instructions please read here